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Hot Debate:- AMD's RX570 or Nvidia's GTX 1650?

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Which One To Select AMD's RX 570 Or Nvidia's 1650?

Now, day by day the requirements of modern day games are becoming more higher specially the AAA tittles, they demand and require a decent hardware to enjoy it at the best possible frame rates you can get.
So recently Nvidia has launched its GTX 1650 on 22 april 2019. This graphic card was launched to draw attention of budget segment gamer's. GTX 1650 is based under its Turing architecture. According to Nvidia its a supercharger for today's most popular games, and even faster with modern tittles. Nvidia has launched this card at the price range of around Rs(12000-13000) at Indian online market whereas one can expect relatively lower prices on offline stores from that of online market. Unlike GTX 1660Ti it will not have founder's edition at launch and will be distributed by Nvidia's retail partners such as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Galax, Zotac and many more brands.
Basically this graphic card was introduced in order to replace the the 1050Ti which was one of the most famous and highly rated graphic card by experts for budget segment gamer's.  The GPU comes with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM and has 896 CUDA cores also having 1665 Mhz boost clock. One Of the biggest advantage of this card that it requires a power supply of 75 Watt which is very much power efficient as compared to other graphic card at this price segment.

 Now lets move to one of its competitor which is AMD's RX 570 which was launched on April 18 2017 almost a 2 years ago before the launch of Nvidia's GTX 1650 was launched.RX 570 comes with two variant in this blog we will be talking about the 4GB GDDR5 VRAM , based on its Polaris architecture with boost clock 1224Mhz. RX 570 was launched around the price range of around Rs(15500-16000) at Indian market. The card was well in performance but after some driver updates of this card it got an amazing boost in its performance.Due to such a great performance at this price, the card was severely used for Cryptocurrency mining due to which the card was not available most of the time. Now after Nvidia's launch of GTX 1650 , AMD drops RX 570 at a good number now it is available around Rs(13000-14000). Experts after bench marking these  two graphic cards concluded that their is around 20% better performance on an average of every modern day AAA tittle of RX 570 than GTX 1650. So obviously price to performance ratio is well enough to beat Nvidia's GTX 1650. But the one of the biggest issue with this graphic card is its power consumption, it takes 160 watt power supply. So it is recommended
to use minimum of 450 watt power supply PSU.  

Conclusion :-

The conclusion is if you don't want to compromise with your performance and if you slightly increase your budget by Rs 1000 or near, RX 570 would be the best option here , but remember that you need a very good power supply more than 450 watt. And if your budget is too much tight for you and you somehow extended your budget to around Rs 12000, GTX 1650 would be a better choice you won't need a 450 watt power supply for a 75 watt consuming graphic card 300 watt power supply is more than enough.  well GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 VRAM variant might be another option too at the price range of Rs 13000. But because of its lower VRAM , some of the upcoming modern tittle won't be compatible for it, so we didn't make it in the list.

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